• Types of luggage

    • Carry-on

    This is one of the most convenient bags that you won’t have troubles with. You can take it with you on a plane and leave it in the overhead section. If you are a frequent plane traveller, you can get a few carry-on bags of different sizes and pick the one that will suit your next trip.


    • Personal item

    This is the type of a luggage that you keep underneath the seat in front of you on a plane. It can be a briefcase, tote bag, camera or laptop bag, or a small backpack. These items have special pockets for your personal things like a phone, passport, pen, wallet, and even laptop.


    • Large baggage

    Any bag that is bigger than a carry-on will be checked in the airport. Usually, the size of a large luggage is between 24 and 36 inches. If you need to pack clothes for the whole family or plan a long-term trip, this type of a bag is a necessity.

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